Long Term Care Can Be the Greatest Crisis Seniors Will Face.

All elderly people, regardless of current health, should plan for this crisis in their lives. And indeed, long term care can be the greatest crisis an older person ever faces. With the need for care, the elder loses his or her grasp on the three most important lifestyle concerns in old age;

  • Remaining independent
  • Having enough money
  • Maintaining good health

They all disappear with the need for care. And the cost of care can wipe out a lifetime of savings and destroy equity in a home.

Most veterans are not aware of the eldercare benefits available through veterans health care. One particular VA program is called Veterans Pension or more commonly known as “Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit”.

Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit can provide 15 to 30 hours a week of personal care services for veterans and their surviving spouses.

“Even though one in three seniors might be eligible for aid and attendance sometime in their life, very few people actually know about the VA Benefit

How Do I Qualify for up to 20 hrs of free care per week?

Pension is for any veteran, age 65 and older who served during a period of war. The Veteran must have an honorable discharge, meet income requirements, and need assistance with daily living on a regular basis to stay independent in their chosen place of residence. A lesser Pension benefit is also available to the single surviving spouse of a veteran who served during a period of war.

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